Dear Mr. Dahl, I have been reading book. Boy, and I have found it to be very funny. Your stories of your life at school is very weird sometimes. I recently read a chapter of you went to knew school and when you did spelling mistake you would get in trouble and the headmaster would yell at you I would like to share with you a time when I did something naughty at my school it was called St Peter Secondary collage at my country Sri Lanka and when I did something naughty the headmaster would come to my class and he would slap me on the face so had or he would hit my hand or my bottom with a cane and when u had something on your neck cut out and u had to walk home and I have something little bit similar I had injection and it made a bit drowsy and I had to go by the bus and you having to move schools and left your friends behind and I had that kind of moments too I had so many friends at my school Brunswick North Primary School and two of my best friends we Zack Zaem and Daniel Bueti there were my best friends we always would get in trouble and one time we got caught  of talking one of Zack’s electric pen from the principal’s office and we got caught and we got in trouble and we were always competitive at everything and we alwayed made bet who can do it first. Thank you for listening and thank you for your great stories sincerely Steve Fernando


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